IT DESIGN is a small company established in 2016 in Zagreb, specializing in web design, graphic design, and internet marketing.

Web pages we made according to your requirements and specifications. Web design begins with your vision, this takes place through a process that includes constant contact with our customers to share ideas and suggestions that ultimately provide the most appropriate solution. Our goal is to realize your ideas that best presents your product and service targeted audience, meet your requirements, and achieve mutual trust which we aspire to long-term partnership.

Graphic design in everyday life is present all around us, and that usually we are not aware. Design the appearance of your flyers, business cards, price lists, etc. can often be exhausting but in the process while trying to imagine where they locate, select the color, text or visual content to add. In this process we dedicate to making a few suggestions for you, before which we are putting your requirements.

Internet or web marketing, advertising your products and services through the Internet is also a process which takes a lot of time, dedication and constant communication between us and the client. Includes ad campaign in which we focus on the target audience, creating pages and profiles on social networks and their management.

Special attention we given to each new project, from the idea to the finish line, and the process of making adapted to your needs.

You can send a request for web page / web shop (or some other service from our offer) by contact form or directly to [email protected]
It is desirable to provide as much information about your web project as possible so that we can send you the most favorable bid for your project.


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