Business cards

The first visual contact of your business as business cards. We offer, in cooperation with you, a few suggestions of well-designed and created cards on which are the most basic information. Business cards are the basis of every business communication, and can be printed single-sided, double-sided, white, color, etc., But it must be something that you always have on hand. Send us all the information that you would like to be on the card and we will create you a few suggestions, and we send them to choose what you like best.


The goal of this note is to draw the attention of customers, so it is for successful design flyers need to create a title that will attract them. The message we want to convey should be short and clear sentences that ultimately determine the purpose of the flayers. Flayers also be, in addition to the text, and contain the appropriate visual content. All this is a process in which, in cooperation with our customers, we design flyers and their contents that best represent the target groups what they want to convey.

Price list

The content of the price list is also one of the marketing tools of your business. He shows the way in which you present your offer, and it is very important to pay attention to all the details; of color, content – text, images, formats, and so on. The price lists should be designed according to your offer, and the way to leave the impression of the quality of the products.
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